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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Mon-Sat: 9:00am – 17:00pm
    Sundays CLOSED.

  • Yes, upon receipt of completed account forms and credit checks, we can arrange for customer accounts to be set up.

  • Our delivery times can vary depending on the requirements i.e if a pump is required, but on the whole they are either same day or a couple of days from when the order is placed.

  • The payment methods we accept are Visa, cash and invoices.

  • We receive the initial call from buyer → Provide a quote → Make a follow-up phone call → Sale confirmed and order is placed.

  • We supply to both commercial and domestic clients.

  • The maximum load varies between 8 and 10 metres, depending on the lorry size.

  • Yes, we supply wheelbarrows on all our trucks so if you have a small access area, you can still get the concrete to where you need it.

  • Our Email Address:

    Phone Number: 0800 859 5973

    Social Networks: Facebook Google+

  • We chose Neil Sullivan and Sons because of the excellent service and the prompt delivery, the fact they have got quite a few lorries and can actually supply you with what you want, when you need it:

    Kevin Chapman– Haynes Building Services

  • We deliver throughout Essex and the surrounding areas including:

    Basildon – Chelmsford – Brentwood – Braintree – Colchester – Southend-on-Sea – Romford – Essex – Witham – South Woodham Ferrers – Maldon – Leigh on Sea – Grays – Ilford – Mersea Island – Wickford – Billericay

  • Your building inspector should advise you on the right sort of concrete for the job, but if you get stuck, we are also able to suggest suitable options and guidance where needed.

  • To work out the quantity of concrete you will need, it’s best to use our concrete calculator. You simply enter the length, depth and width of the area, and a volume will be calculated for you.

  • A couple of days’ notice will be enough time for us to get the order ready. If a concrete pump is required then this notice period will need to be increased.

  • The price quoted is purely based on the quantity of the order, plus VAT. Extra costs can include part-loading charges and waiting times beyond those that were originally given.

  • Before your concrete is delivered, you should check both the immediate and surrounding area for the following:

    Gas mains and buried electricity cables, drainage systems, tree roots, overhanging tree branches, or electricity and telephone cables overhead.

  • This varies depending on how many meters of concrete have been ordered. Once the order has been placed, we will be able to give you a waiting time.

  • Slump refers to the consistency of the concrete i.e how wet it is. The classifications range from S1 to S4; the higher the value the easier it is to work with.

  • Our delivery trucks vary from 8-10 meters in terms of volume, and 32-44 tonnes in terms of weight.

  • The trucks are fitted with chutes that can extend from the centre of the truck to transport the concrete to the desired location. If the chutes aren’t long enough, there are wheelbarrows to move the concrete further, or specialist concrete pumps can be used.

  • For the best advice on how to lay concrete, please give the team at Neil Sullivan a call and we’ll be happy to go through this with you.

  • Depending on the weather, the concrete will take roughly 28 days to cure.

  • Concrete is measured Per meter cubed – m3.

  • Overtime, concrete floors can crack. This happens when the concrete shrinks and then pulls apart. However, this can create a rustic looking floor and if the cracks become an eyesore, an additional smooth surface can always be applied.

  • This varies depending on what the concrete is being used for.

  • When shoes are not worn, concrete is hard underfoot which therefore makes it louder than a softer flooring type. However, it is the hardness that makes it so abrasive and an excellent choice for a commercial environment where foot traffic is heavy.

  • Concrete is made up from a mixture of aggregates and cement.

  • With the correct tools and the right experience, concrete is relatively easy to install.

  • No, concrete is not waterproof.

  • No, concrete is not stain resistant.

  • The durability of the concrete will depend on the strength of the mix.

  • Concrete is a naturally cold material but can be just as cold as ceramic tiles or stone flooring.

  • Yes, underfloor heating can be used beneath concrete to diminish the cold temperature.

  • Yes concrete can be used outside.

  • This depends purely on the finish. If the finish is polished, then yes, it will have a shiny surface.

  • Yes, concrete is slip resistant as well as fire and mould resistant too.


If you are in need of aggregates for your construction, home improvement or gardening work, we have exactly what you need. We understand that everyone’s needs vary depending on the project that is being undertaken, so we supply a range of aggregates that are designed to cater for your specific requirements.

All available for collection from our yard

  • Turf

    When used in conjunction with our quality topsoil products, you will soon have a fresh, thriving lawn acting as a striking focal point for your property.

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  • Cement Bags

    With the range of cement bags available at Neil Sullivan & Sons, you can rely on a quality product for any of your concrete, mortar, screed or rendering needs.

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  • Play Bark

    Popularly used as a soft and safe lining for children’s playgrounds, play bark can also be used decoratively for flower beds and paths — at home or in a commercial or public settings.

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  • Slate

    Slate chippings are a popular decorative aggregate used for a range of domestic and commercial applications, helping to create a modern, clean and distinctive exterior aesthetic with ease.

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  • Cotswold

    For a premium aesthetic for your path, driveway, garden or commercial site entrance, you can’t get much better than Cotswold buff chippings.

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  • Type 1 Crushed

    Type 1 Crushed concrete reuses building materials from construction and demolition projects to form a sustainable and effective sub-base aggregate suitable for a wide range of building applications.

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  • Winter Salt (Rock Salt)

    Sold in 500kg bags, winter salt (rock salt) is the ideal solution for providing extra grip on icy roads and surfaces.

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    Winter Salt (Rock Salt)
  • Building Sand

    A fine grade of sand, often mixed with water and cement for mortar in bricklaying.

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  • Sharp Sand

    A general purpose material, used for a range of applications from rendering to lawn top dressing, external concrete work and floor screeds.

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  • Ballast

    A coarse aggregate, ballast is used as the primary ingredient in a concrete mix.

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  • 10mm Shingle

    Mainly used for decorative purposes, 10mm shingle can also be used as part of a concrete mix, used to fill in small gaps in drainage areas and also as an attractive way of bordering a garden, helping to block weeds and retain moisture.

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  • 20mm Shingle

    A decorative material often used for driveways. 20mm, rather than 10mm shingle is used for this purpose because the larger stones are unlikely to get stuck in tyre treads, and it’s much easier to spread.

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  • MOT Type 1

    Also known as crushed concrete, MOT Type 1 is used for a sub base on roads, driveways and car parks. It’s popular due to its reliability and value for money.

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  • Topsoil

    The upper layer of soil, used for new flowerbeds, as a foundation for new turf, or for sowing grass seeds.

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